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June 2021

Summary of results - microglia alcohol paper_edited.jpg

"Alcohol drinking during early adolescence activates microglial cells and increases frontolimbic Interleukin-1 beta and Toll-like receptor 4 gene expression, with heightened sensitivity in male rats compared to females." Congratulations to Andy et al for her latest article in Neuropharmacology!

Sex Diff 3 Stages Figure.png

"Sex Differences in the Neurobiology of Alcohol Use Disorder" Review paper is published! Find it here: Flores-Bonilla and Richardson, 2020. 

Annabelle Flores-Bonilla_Headshot.jpeg

Congratulations to Annabelle for being awarded the NSF GRFP and the Spaulding-Smith Fellowship Awards!

The National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program will support Annabelle's graduate studies in the Neuroscience and Behavior Program at UMass Amherst in the Richardson Lab.


Congratulations to Andy for being awarded the D-SPAN NIH Award!

The NIH Blueprint Diversity Specialized Post-doctoral Advancement in Neuroscience Award will support Andy's doctoral dissertation completion and her future work as a postdoc.


Annabelle Flores-Bonilla joined the Richardson lab as a PREP student! Her poster "Determining the Role of Microglia in Clearing Oligodendrocyte Debris during Adolescence" was presented in August 2019 at UMass, Amherst.

She continued to work on the "Operation Minibar" project studying sex differences in alcohol intake.


Kyle and Sirisha were awarded Commonwealth Honors grants! CONGRATS!!

Society for Neuroscience 2018 - San Diego


Two generations of scientists at the Sisk/Richardson joint lab dinner!!


News on our eNeuro paper

The speed of thought 

Rat brain study links signal velocity to myelination


Research Society of Alcoholism 2018 - San Diego

2018 Richardson lab escapes in record time!

Escape room 2018.jpg

2017 Laser Tag and Trivia Night Champions!

Kyle Lucier presents research on myelin visualization.

Andy Silva (left) pictured with Aimee Lin (right) at Aimee's poster on microglia research 

2017 Scholarships and summer Internships

Congratulations Andy, Sam, and Liz!

Andy, pictured third from the left in the front row, was awarded a scholarship provided by the National Institute of Health to attend The Whole Scientist course held at The Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, ME. The course combined classroom learning with post-course applied practicums to help participants develop capability and confidence in different skills that are critical for becoming a successful scientist.  

Liz Tavares, pictured second from the left, was awarded the Richard S. Milstone Scholarship by the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences for her outstanding academic achievements in the department and contributions to the surrounding community during her undergraduate career.

Sam Scott, pictured far left in the photo above, was offered an internship at the Harvard Orthopedic Trauma Service, where he performed clinical research through immersion in the clinical environment of Boston Children’s Hospital. Along with the clinical research, Sam participated in medical school lectures, anatomy labs, and shadowed in the operating room as well as the emergency department.

Members of the Richardson lab shared their research at the 46th annual Society for Neuroscience meeting in San Diego, California. 

Andy Silva (left) and Liz Tavares (right) presenting at SFN in November 2016.

Dr. Richardson spent seven months on sabbatical in Montpellier, France collaborating with members of the Tricaud Lab at the INSERM Institute of Neurosciences.

Collaborations in Montpellier, France

Dr. Richardson preparing a gel

Liz Tavares joined Heather in the Tricaud lab in the summer to learn some new cloning and imaging techniques.